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No Nonsense Free e-Gift Card Redemption



OK, we ask you to verify two important things.

1. Have a live conversation with the recipient of your order and Verify they did in fact Receive Their Order

2. Verify that you are Completely Satisfied With The Product You Received.

Please Remember: If there is any problem with the product or service you received, you will open a customer service ticket so we can fix the problem BEFORE you request your FREE e-Gift Card Reward.

If you can Verify the above than you may simply log in to your account and click the R EWERD REQUEST BUTTON to claim your FREE e Gift Card Reward.



The FREE e-Gift card Reward reward brand you have selected will be sent to the email address you requested.

Most FREE e-GIFT Rewards Are Sent To The E-Mail Address You Have Selected Within 2 To 72 Hours After You Have Verified Delivery And Your Satisfaction, Depending On The Brand Your Have Selected.

No Games And No Nonsense. Just Beautiful Flowers
And Amazing e-Gift Card Rewards Every Time.

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